Expect The Unexpected

These past few days, or shall I say, weeks? Or months? I have been seeing a lot of news feeds from social media about weddings, giving births, baptismals, and lots of events that I used to hear from my parents before. They have been going to these kinds of parties every now and then. That seems normal, knowing that they have been invited by either their relatives and friends. And that must be a part of adult life. And now, it is my time to go to those invitations given by my friends. Uh-oh. Meaning? I am getting real older now. Haha 

And look, another sign of getting matured is being proposed to by my significant other. Woah! Even though that I knew that it will one day happen, I couldn’t really believe that right at that moment, that that was the day. A month and 14 days ago, he presented me the ring glittering under the dim light. Together with the help of my badminton friends and colleagues, and his travel buddies, I could say that his surprise was a success! 😍 Even though that somehow I felt that something was going on earlier that day, I was never sure until the moment that I was astounded as he kneeled in front me and everyone else, and forcing me to answer with my “Yes!”. 

Up until this day, the memory still lingered on, and I think that even years from now, I will still be able to share with our children how it all happened. I am forever grateful to be experiencing this kind of event that I knew only existed in fairy tales. And now, I will be very busy preparing for my big day. I hope that everything will go smoothly and hope that everything fits well. 

For this, I will be praying for God to help us along the way. To help us decide on the best supplier that we should get, and to help us go along the hectic schedule that will come our way. 😊

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