God Makes Everything Possible

Quarreling has been one of me and my husband’s shared hobby. A week never passes by without us barking at one another. And while it is true that it is normal to marry your best enemy and having arguments every now and then, it seems that it will never be a part of a happy ending that we have always been dreaming of since we were young.

I can remember very well that when we started dating, we were even worse than how we are doing now. Since both of us are quite hot tempered, we would have endless stuffs to say to one another especially when we feel that both of us is correct (which is rather normal among arguing couples). I did not worry that we might end up splitting since most of the time, he would initiate for us to stop talking and wait for both our heads to cool down before facing each other again. Thank goodness that he did that everytime, if not, then we could have our separate ways by now.

Thank God that as time passes by, we learned (and are still learning) and changed for the better one day after another. There were moments that it is so hard for me to change and I could not make him change, but at least I know that when I pray for miracles, God does not fail me.

When times are tough and I do not know what to do, I would call out to God and seek His help. And in an instant, He would come to my rescue.

Matthew 19:26 – “But Jesus looked at them and said, “With man this is impossible, but with God all things are possible.”

And now, I am proud to say that our relationship is better than ever, we still argue but are more calm and more mature than how we were in the past years. Thank God because I know that we are both under progress on becoming a better children for Him. Because nothing really is impossible with God.

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