Back in the Old Days

Woah! I just rememebered being busy over some stuff and when I looked at the time, it is already 10 in the evening. Time really do fly fast when you are busy and having fun doing things. Earlier this day, when I was also busy working, I found that the more I work, the more slower the time runs. Why oh why? I was kinda bored, so I had to get up and take a walk, have a glass of water, take a peak at some of the people around, go to the washroom, and then walk slowly back to my seat. And there I was, still waiting for the day to end. But it still was too slow. It is already mid week but I am starting to feel the slowness of time. I better keep myself busy I said to myself. Yeah, and so I did, without my choice though, and then after dragging myself to finish my tasks, I found myselft hurraying because soon time will be up and we will be going home like we always do.

I remember when I was young, I could feel that the time flies a bit slower than how it does today. Even if we were busy playing, with sweat running on our backs, tickling us, and while we were enjoying our childhood, we had yummy snacks prepared by our mom, and we got along pretty well. So really, I can say that we enjoyed every single bit of our childhood.

Thank goodness that we were able to cherish every moment of it. Because time was slow and I even felt like I was in a movie while laughing ourselves out in a slow motion pace. It was fun back then. I hope we can really bring back the time – to the time when we did not have to worry about anything serious (just the grades and how to be obedient to our parents and not getting any flower vase broken), back then we thought that those were life’s serious matters to consider. But now, looking back, I could smile at myself on why I was in a hurry to grow up. Why now, all I ever wanted to worry about is how to finish my meal (I don’t mean I don’t like my food right now, well food is life!).

So then I just wanted to share what I was thinking right now. Just feeling nostalgic out of the blue. Oh! I remember now why. Earlier when I was coming home, I rode the jeep (this one is famous public utility vehicle in our country), and while the driver is waiting for the passengers to be complete before moving, suddenly, the wind blew, and reminded of the good ol’ days – the days when my age was just one digit and we were walking from school to home, and also during my college days, when more often than not, I get to enjoy the feel of the cool breeze – though I know how much dust and dirt it carries – but anyway, it just felt so nice, it even made me smile.

So really, the things that makes us smile and happy are the simplest ones. That most of the time, when we keep of looking for something big to happen to our lives, what really matters are the simple and small stuffs that we always ignore. We might be too focused on landing on that dream job or flying to other different places (yes they do make us happy, I won’t deny it), but while we are waiting for these things to come to us, we must take note of the smallest details in our life that we seldomly see. For who knows, we might get that energy from that small something that comes into our life. 🙂

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