Cutting it Shorter

Since before our wedding, I have been growing my hair because it would be easier to style it long. It’s length already reached my waist and it is quite difficult to manage it since it has to be washed with shampoo and be conditioned afterwards for better looking and for maintenance purposes. And since I have been busy with our everyday life and doing my wife duties, I must admit that I am not able to make myself look good. At night I would always think of what style to do to my hair for the next day, only to end up not doing anything, let alone not even bothering to comb my hair even before I set foot out of our door. One of my auntie even told me that I should be looking good, since that is how normal newly wedded brides should look like. To her, I should be having that special glow that single girls do not contain. When I heard her, I was speechless because I felt the same way about myself too. I think that the stress at work and being a loving wife is taking its toll on me. I should not let it happen for long, since I am afraid that my husband would soon realize that, that would make him question the reason why he chose me. I definitely do not want that to happen. Even though that he is not that kind of person, still I know that he is only human, male human that they say is normal to be polygamous. No, I should not let that happen. And so, thank God that after telling him about my plan on having a haircut for quite some time now, finally he set a schedule on a not so near Korean salon, and yesterday, I finally had a make over. The Korean girl’s definition of ‘trim’ is rather different from the norm. Not sure how it is defined in yours, but in us locals of Philippines, when we say trim, we mean removing 1 to 2 inches from our hair length. Her definition though, was to cut 5 inches from my hair. Whew! Thank God it is long enough to still look medium length after cutting. Haha! Anyway, at least my 700 pesos is worth the money I paid. 🙂

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