Anti Paraben

I love beautifying myself. My mom told me that even when I was small, I really love to look good. When she was pregnant with me, she couldn’t go a day without making herself beautiful. She always had to make sure that her hair is neatly clipped and that she wanted to take care of herself more. So even without the help of ultrasound, she was sure that I am a girl.

True enough, when I came out, indeed I was a she. And I learned to pee on the toilet at the age of 1, since I was a bit OC (obsessive compulsive) that I don’t like the feeling of wearing something and touching something eekie near my skin.

I remember that I also liked reading the beauty magazines of my mom. During my teenage years, I would buy back issues of the famous teenage magazines, because they are cheaper. You can get 3 for just a hundred pesos. I didn’t mind though, since all I wanted is the content.

So now that I am an adult, part of what I spend off (well I have to admit, majority of them) is all about skin care and cosmetics. I usually buy the Korean brands since, again, they are way cheaper than the western brands, but also, it seems that they are more suitable to my skin type, as I am too an Asian.

One important ingredient I look out for is if contains parabens. May it be propylparaben, methylparaben, etc., I would automatically drop it back to its shelf. Since paraben is one famous artificial preservative.

Why I wrote about this? It’s just I want to increase awareness to the people especially the young ones regarding this matter. Yes, we want to preserve the shelf life of the products that we use. But these terms are a no no as it has bad side effects to our skin. Most of them would include preservatives obtained naturally, then that’s okay.

So remember, PARABENS or any of its kind, should not be found before you go to the counter and pay for it.

What are some natural preservatives do you find in cosmetics that you use?

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    1. Yes. Though scientific studies still have yet to study more on this, but according to some findings, parabens could have a hormone mimicking effect. Which could greatly affect our body’s hormones. So if given the chance, better opt for those non chemical sources of ingredients.

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