Seek God When You Are Struggling

Often times, I hear some friends complaining about the people most dear in their lives. I could hear them saying that their relationship gets worse as time goes by. That their significant other is a whole lot better years back. And as they grow older, the worse of their attitude arises.

While I sat beside my friend listening and trying to comfort her, I couldn’t help but wonder if years to come, whether I would also be talking and sharing with someone else younger than me, complaining and grieving at the same time about my partner, just like her.

And when I saw my husband and I looked through his eyes, I thought to myself that maybe “nah, I know I won’t be going through the same hardship for he is lot better because he is a God fearing person.”

I know that we are not the perfect pair nor are we safe from all fights. Yes we do fight. There are times too that I would look at him with a sharp eye (ohh forgive me God). But I am glad that both of us are trying to work things out even though that both of us are quick to get hot headed. One of my friends even told me before that she is amazed at how we got along because there is a high chance for us to get into arguments often because of the same struggles that make us hard to prevent.

But thank God that we are both working in progress to become better humans. I am also glad that we have friends whom we can rely on whenever we need to seek God for any help.

As I end this post, I would like to pray for all those people who is struggling in their relationship with their husbands and wives. That may they both grow closer to God, seek God’s help and I pray that God take control of their feelings. Especially to those non believers, my prayer for them is that God allow me to become His medium to share His words and gospel to them. That no matter what hardship they face, as long as they believe in God, everything will be in good hands. 🙂

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