Loving Patiently and Kindly

Be patient and be kind even when others are not. Nobody taught me this but upon reading this phrase somewhere, I said to myself I have to practice this in my life. Why? Because when I try to be revengeful of others or think of mean things, I end up hurting myself even more. I get angry and more moody longer. I tend to be irritated over the smallest of things. Even my helpless and ever excited-to-see-me-every-single-time dog that did not do anything wrong, I tend to show him my wrinkled face. To the lifeless pillow and bed, I would be mean and throw my favorite bag on their faces. And even at times, I hurt my physical body when I think that everything goes out of hand. I would cry and cry until my eyes pop. And as if crying is still not enough, I would squeeze a part of my arm to release the tension and hurt that I have been feeling inside. At night, I would waste my time staring our into thin air while at the same time, polluting my brain with all the negativity that I can think of.

You see, thinking ill over such small things and other people can make you go mad. It destroys our inner peace and worse, our life. Because it invites bad vibes and helps make our day gloomier than how it is when rain pours.

God wants us to forgive those that hurt us. Just like how He does when He forgives us of our sins. He died on the cross to carry all our sins and He received the punishment instead of us receiving them. This is how God loves us. He forgives us even before we pray to Him and apologize. And He wants us to do the same because a part of Him will always be inside of us.

Be more loving and forgiving if others are rude and mean to you. That’s the best revenge that we could do. Because upon doing so, their hearts tend to become warmer and more tender. They tend to see the goodness that God has gifted us with. When you pray, pray even for those that do not deserve our kindness. Because in this way, you seek God’s help in working into their hearts without us doing anything. It really helps. Although there are times that some people have a harder heart, just pray repeatedly and God will surely work overtime just to answer your prayer.

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