Hungry for Hangul

I took an interest in learning the Korean language since the Korean drama have been prevalent nowadays. Before I used to only enjoy watching their artists’ facial expressions and then looking down to read the English subtitles. And while watching, we can’t help but pick up quite a few common words, like kamsahamnida, annyeong haseyo, sarangheyo, and many more. It is quite fun to learn new things especially now that it seems that my everyday life is so boting ang repetetive, that I wake up, and then go to work, and come back home, and the cycle repeats for as long as I am still working in my current job.

I know that few years from now, my life will be a whole lot different knowing that soon, we will planning to have baby and I know that my life would take a 360 turn, having knowing many parents who have a hard time hiring nannies to take care of their babies. Personally, I would rather be hands on in taking care of my soon to be baby. But according to 2 of friends, it is no joke to do everything on my own (both of them have babies and being taken care of by nannies, and luckily, they still get to work and earn for a living). They even told me that they would salute to me if ever I will survive babysitting on my own. Oh now, I am not sure if I really can do it on my own! Teehee. Oh well. I will just wait for it, but up to now, that is still what’s on my mind.

On the other hand, as I have stopped studying 10 years ago (that was the time that I graduated from college), I planned to learn Korean language, not only just because, but I don’t want my life to become stagnant, and I also don’t want to allow rust to cover my brain.

Previously, I have already learned the Korean alphabet, and how they were formed. And it was only until that, that I stopped for a long time. I even bought a dictionary, but it has been staying on the shelf collecting all the dust, and now is the only time that I would want to take things seriously. I hope that I can get to learn them and be able to use my knowledge when the time comes that we go to Korea. Hihi 😀

Hopefully,  I can manage to communicate with the locals even for just a few statements. Anyway, I still have 3 months to learn. I have to do this. So that the next time around that I will be watching Korean drama, then I don’t have to look down anymore but understand the episode even if my eyes are busy with something else. 🙂

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