VUP (Very Unimportant Person)

The other day, I was all gloomy again. I know that it is already more than a month since I first felt the same blues deep inside of me. I could not help but frown again when I remembered that I was not so important to some people who I used to cherish. After brainstorming (well the term I used is not the most appropriate one) between my angel and devil self, finding who to include in my list and who do not have to, in the end, I scanned through the pictures of my high school friends and managed to collect those who I believe that I know lives a little deeper in my heart. Not that the others don’t have a part, but sometimes others didn’t have to be involved who I am not sure how sturdy our relationship was.

So as I sat in front of our home desktop, I checked the list of names I intended to invite on our wedding day.

One at a time, I typed their names then printed them out, then inserting the 3 leaves of hardened paper with the details of our big day after. I made sure that each have the correct number of pages, arranging them chronologically.

The next day, I went to the mall to go to one of our classmates since it is where her work is located. I peaked through the window and after seeing her, immediately I walked up to her then conversed with her asking for her help in distributing the pile of envelopes in my hand. She agreed while congratulating me saying that the timing is just right because they will be meeting in 2 days time.

I left everything about that behind. Not realizing until the day before our wedding day, it was around 2 in the afternoon, I was sleeping soundly while on our way to hotel to check in. My friend called me up, and to my dismay, she told me that none of the invitations were sent to its owner. Uh oh. What happened? Why were they not sent? Did they decided not to meet up? Did she forget to bring them? The answer right now is still unclear. I did not get to talk with any of them except those for the two who texted me advising that they won’t be around and for those few who I texted asking whether they would be able to come.

In the end, none of them arrived leaving the table assigned to them vacant. Okay. Thanks to this happening, now I know how unimportant I am to them. Sigh. So for the past 20 years all I thought was I got friends from secondary school.. Yet now I am not sure if it still is true.

Only God knows why that happened. I hope that they are happy with all their busy lives. Anyway, I have a busier life on my own. May God bless them. 🙂

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