Connect to Reality

Most of us right now are highly dependent on the internet.

Most of my friends are either subscribed to a data plan or carries with them a pocket wifi. While some would by all means find a free wifi connection so that they can stay up to date with what’s happening around them.

I too, am guilty of reaching for my phone when I get the chance to. But there are times I would try to put my handphone down and take part of what’s living around me – and those were the times when my data’s up. Haha.

Kidding aside, these past few days I would rather look into the people around me and enjoy their company even when there are times that 90% of them are preoccupied with their own mobile.

Suddenly I would notice how their faces would react upon reading a very funny joke and then sharing it with us. I would find myself staring at someone for some time without them noticing me, well that’s the only advantage I could think of.

But what I love the most when disconnecting to virtual world is that time runs slower compared to when my fingers keep scrolling up through facebook or instagram. Truly when you stay in your real world is the only time to disconnect to reconnect.

I hope that I can prolong the time of me leaving my phone behind and only have to make the present a moment to remember. 🙂

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