Help Wanted

Have you ever been taken for granted? Or just felt forsaken? I always do. Whenever I feel or see that a certain person that I care about does not reciprocate the actions that I give to them, I feel forsaken. I feel bad. I know I should shrug off this idea. And I know I have to change. It just seems too difficult to do so. I hope someday I will become a better person (not bitter). I hope that someday, when I get more older (I know this is grammatically incorrect, but this is what I really mean, because right now I already feel a lot older than yesterday.. Haha), I may be able to ignore these feelings.. Feelings that does not make me feel better nor make me grow as a better person. These negative thoughts should be removed from my system as days go by, and as I have a habit of helping troubled people, it will not make me reliable enough to support those who need my strength since the negative vibes will reflect in my physical appearance.

I am especially fond of giving guidance to those who have people problems.. By people problems I meant about relationship problems.. Relations that does not limit to opposite gender, but also to friends, parents, siblings, or even to bosses and colleagues. I don’t say that I am an expert but given the time that I have spent staying in the same office for 7 years (and still counting..), I have met many different kinds of people, with different personalities and attitudes, which have taught me how to handle and to make me even better, I even attended trainings on the different types of approach on understanding and how to treat peers with character – that you don’t know how they were taught during their childhood days.

There were times that when you know you already did everything to handle a certain person, yet he does not seem to go with the flow.. Then there is nothing left for you to do, but to pray for that person. I realized that when I did, not only did that person change, I noticed that a part of me already changed. Making me nicer and become more understanding of other people’s needs. Please do read one related article that I wrote before: Pray for others. 🙂

It is true that helping others makes our heart grow bigger, making us feel happier. More so, seeing the gleeful faces of the people we care about, knowing that we are a part of the reasons why the world is a much better place for them to live in.

I hope and pray to God to change the hearts of the people in this world, to make them understand that there are still humans out there who is willing to make a bigger step in lending a helping hand. Because when we die, what matters most is how we have been a good child to the Father, and how we have made Him proud to have us as children of the Lord. 🙂

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