Reasons Why I Am Delaying School for My Child

My son will turn 3 in a couple of days. And everyone who knows my son keeps asking me if he is already studying. Some would also ask when I will enroll my child in school. My answer would always be, “not anytime soon.” 

Many are puzzled about why I am delaying school for my son. And one reason is that I do not want my child to experience burnout. I started preschool at four and know the feeling of having to study for more than a decade. 

I can still remember after I graduated from a pre-medical course, I found myself disgusted at the thought of studying again to pursue a doctorate. But then again, entering a pre-med course was my choice to begin with, so starting to study at 4 was not really to blame. 

Still, a part of me is jealous when I see peers wearing white coats and being able to save the people of the planet. Meanwhile, I am a stay-at-home mom spending my days inside the four walls of our home. (Kidding aside, I am happy and contented with my life!)

Anyway, since I am now a parent, I am looking for ways to ensure that my son grows up equipped with all the necessary skills he needs. So, now that I learned there are benefits of delaying school for at least a year, I decided I will let my child enjoy longer play years.

Benefits of starting school at a later age

I know I might receive many violent reactions when I say I will be delaying kindergarten until age 6. Many might say that I will also be delaying my child’s development when I start his schooling late. 

However, research has shown that delaying school for one year has great mental benefits in children. By enrolling your children later, you are helping your child with their attention and hyperactivity self-regulation.

What does this mean? 

Children are meant to play because that is how their bodies and brain are made. They need lots of outdoor play, like jumping, running, climbing, etc. By letting them play more, instead of enrolling them at a school where they need to sit for a long time, they are missing out on some of the brain developments that happen with gross motor skills play. 

A four-year-old child has a shorter attention span than a five or six-year-old’s. At four, children have an attention span of eight to 12 minutes, while at six, they can stay focused for about 12 to 18 minutes. 

Imagine how hard it would be for a four-year-old to focus on a 30-minute class? You get the idea, don’t you? So, I thought that if I delay school for my child and let him play more, I might receive more thank you gifts later.  

Purpose of education

The purpose of education is by letting children acquire the necessary skills and knowledge so that they can become an essential member that contributes to society. And education does not only happen at school. 

If you are afraid your child will not be able to catch up with her peers, you can start educating her at home. Homeschooling has been one of the most effective ways to teach your children what is right from wrong. 

Many teaching aids are available online or in-store you can purchase to start teaching your child the basics. You can even search through the different social media channels for free teaching materials, so you need not spend a single cent. 

teaching aids, flashcards, preschool, delaying school
Many teaching aids are found online or in-store, and are just as helpful to young children.

I am always busy checking out Instagram and Pinterest for ideas on how to develop fine motor skills for my toddler. And thanks to the many parents who are very willing to share what activities to keep children busy. 

You can also join Facebook groups for parents and get tons of ideas on how they play with their children. From the most basic cutting papers, building blocks, climbing walls, etc., your child can benefit a lot from both gross and fine motor skills development. 

The takeaway for delaying school

There are so many things to teach a 5-year-old at home. And I know you are very busy with work and many other household chores, but spending a few minutes a day teaching your child is an easy way of showing her how much you love her. 

No, I am not saying that sending your child early in school means that you do not love her. I know that every parent loves their children so much that they would do everything for them. And that includes giving them the best education they can have. 

No matter how old your children start schooling, or whether you enroll them in traditional schooling or homeschooling, what matters is that they are learning and growing up to be just how we want them to be. 

delaying school, preschool, homeschooling
Parents know what is best for their children, so choosing what you feel would work well is what matters.

At the end of the day, a parent knows what is best for their child, so I believe that no matter what your decision is, you should go for it. I hope that this post has helped enlighten you (or given you a new perspective) about why other parents are delaying school for their children. 

All the best to the parents struggling to make ends meet. Here’s a virtual hug to make you feel better. Always remember that you are doing a great job at parenting your kids. 

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