To My Missing Things

Have you ever lost something? I bet you do. Because it just happens. May it be an ordinary cheap ballpen or overly priced pouch or whatever. I always find myself rummaging through my things because I keep losing one of them. I remember my mom used to tell stories back then that when I was small, around 4 to 5 years old, she would always have to ask me where my hankie is. I remember that I have complete set of handkerchief which had the days of the week written on it. And I remember that I could not remember where I last placed my favorite hankie in school. And then there came the time when I was about 10 years old, that I keep losing ballpens, test papers, and the like. You know, those that were being collected by the teachers at the end of the semester and giving additional points to those who were able to submit a complete set of test papers. Those were the days when I had to keep in mind to keep them neatly punched in my folders to be able to gain those extra points. Thank goodness that I was able to be part of them.

Now that I am older (hmm.. maybe just a bit), I try my best to keep my things in order and to remember where exactly I placed them. Oftentimes though, when I have kept an object into a certain cabinet, then later on moving them to a cleaner and more organized state, I would always forget their new location. My my. Still losing my stuffs up to now. So now, I try my best to not move them to a new drawer so that when I go back to their old place, they are still accessible.

But then, my head is really hard, and I still move them one way or another. And then, the cycle goes on and on, until I had to hit myself hard to remind myself once again.

So then, in the end, there is nothing I can do but to let God do the work. AGAIN.

Oh why is it that I always keep forgetting that God is just a prayer away! And whenever I start my finding-for-my-lost-stuffs journey with a prayer instead of messing up my other organized things, God would always give me light immediately so that I would not have to keep my hands dirty (literally!). All He does is make me stop and wait for awhile, think about where I last placed my things, and then poof! After a few seconds, and then I find my hands automatically go through where God wants them to be – allowing me to get hold of what I had been looking for for weeks or days.

I don’t know if you have tried it before and was successful. But if ever you have never tried it, the next time around that you have to find something in a pile of things, you might want to try it out for yourself. And you might be shocked at the result in an instant. 🙂

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