Happy Ever After

Four weeks have already past since the day we tied the knot. And up to now, my mind is still not used to the fact that I am now a Mrs.

Time really do fly so fast. Up to now everything that happened last December is still fresh. From the day before our wedding day.. The time we checked in the hotel, to the night that I planned to go to bed early (which I was not able to fulfill – since I waited for my gown designer to deliver my gown, and they arrived at half past 11), to the moment I woke up, ate breakfast, and then proceeded with the wedding preps for the day. I did my best to enjoy every moment and tried hard not to stress over the smallest of things that did not go well. I remember my mom and sister asking me every now and then about the time of arrival of my hair and make up artist, and why my photo and videographer still have not arrived yet – even though I kept on reassuring them that we should not think about them – well yes we do but not to that extent that they kept nagging on me- because there’s a reason we hired on-the-day coordinator.

And so it is true that the most nerve wrecking part of the wedding for most of the brides is that 10 second before the marching on the aisle. Having been experienced, to me it is not just 10 second, rather it is whole 30 minutes of waiting time, because we arrived early outside the church. I don’t know if I am lucky enough because I prayed hard for us not get stucked in traffic delaying the wedding. And God was so good because He heed my long time request. Well, I am not saying that I am not happy about it, because in fact I am grateful. However, I did not think about the cons of being an early bird! 😅 My coordinator was nice enough to accompany me inside the bridal car. I don’t know what could have happened to me had I been alone for that long, crazy and dreadly 30 minutes.

In the end, everything went well – that we only got a small problem during our dance because during our practice, I forgot to take into consideration that I have a long tail and missed to request to our coutourer to make it less hassle with our dance. Thank goodness that our choreographer (who is also our friend and is my groom’s bestman) was there to help us change a part of the dance to fit for our trouble with my gown. Whew! After that first dance was when I got the chance to breath. And then when the day was over, I could not explain the happiness that I felt and everything will forever be in my heart. 🙂

Together we will be spending the rest of our lives with God. I pray that God help us to start a new journey and may He guide us along the way. Marriage is just the start of really getting wedded. It is not just a word that newly wedded couples use to call themselves leaving behind boyfriends-and-girlfriends title, but it signifies unity between two people that God has joined together to fulfill His plan for us. To grow our own family, to love, cherish and trust one another, forgive and forget hurts and past issues, and be responsible with each other, is what I believe God wants us to do. I know that we have a lot more to learn as husband and wife, and so I constantly pray that God would help us and keep us strong at all times. I want our future children and grandchildren to believe that forever exist not only in fairytales but we can also have a happily ever after in real life. 🙂


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