Continuous Learning

When I was young, I started learning and up until now, I don’t stop. When we were born into this world, we were first taught how to smile, wave, and respond to the people around us. And then we were taught to crawl, walk, run, talk, sing, and the how’s of ABC’s. At 4, I started attending school in nursery, which then started my venture towards taking a lot of information in. No worries, because our brains are wired for that, and readied to be able to live in this world of ours as we grow older.

In my age, I still feel incapable and lacking in knowledge because I can see that there are still a lot for me to learn. There are the previous stuffs that need some clarifying and way more things that I don’t know about. When I was studying my premed course, I remember that in that type of field, learning does not stop. Because then and again, scientist would be researching, experimenting, and creating advances as medical field is concerned, and you can’t blame them because they have to improve for the better well being of the people around us. While before that AIDS and tuberculosis are incurable deadly diseases, now, a person infected as such can be healthy once again as long as they follow the steps and guidelines on their treatment regimen.

While I was browsing the internet before, I found a website about stuffs that sometimes we think about, and stuffs that we rarely think about. I remember it says the “howstuffsworks”, which as the domain name implies, they exist and write articles about how a stuff works, the ins and outs, and how to understand the rationale behind what we see, use, do, and even how our body functions as they do.

I was fascinated, because you learn that not all the things are what they are, and that there is more to how they feel to the touch and be seen. So even though that I am a bit guilty for not being able to do what our professors used to tell us, that is to learn continuously in our field (I did not proceed to becoming a doctor, and a part of me is regretful upon seeing my batchmates doing rounds and residency in their choice of hospital.. sigh 🙁 ), the least that I could do is to expand my knowledge and learn something out of the ordinary. And what’s more enjoyable is that I am able to explore more outside of my expertise (Am I really?).

Since currently I am working in a totally unrelated field from where I graduated from, I learned quite a few stuffs while working in a BPO company. And as their quality analyst for almost 7 years, I have learned to handle and study cases based on the errors found, and I learned some ways on how to prevent them from happening in the future. Also, I was able to learn how to read people and the best tone and words to say to them, and how to treat any type of personality – because well, people are diverse creatures, thank goodness that they don’t act like robots, considering the nature of our work. And since I am the only one handling my volume, I learned time management and how to finish my work efficiently.

So then while I am still living in this ever changing world, I also have to learn to change with it. 🙂

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