Learning Something New

Last Saturday, the third day of June, my mom went with me to buy contact lenses. I really didn’t like the idea before because I always think that it is so much of a hassle to have to remove and to wash them after a tiring day at work. My friends and even my fiancé kept nagging me to try one so that I may not look older and that it is more fashionable considering even younger kids wear one themselves. Earlier this year, my friend started her sermon again about this topic. She said that so that I would look better in photos this December (that is on my big day), I should go try one myself. She even told me that cleaning them is easier than having to heat my food in a microwave. Alright then. 

So there I was in the optical shop with my mom. We inquired about their stocks, and which among them best suits me. The optometrist checked my eyes for an updated reading before ordering the pair that I was about to purchase. She told us that we may have them after an hour and a half, or if it is not possible for us to come back on the same day, that we may come back again on Monday, that is today. 

Thank goodness we were able to claim them that day. And I was able to learn from her how to attach them to my big round eyes. At first I had a hard time because my eyes kept blinking even before my fingers touched my eyeballs. But after some time, I was glad to be able to see clearly without my glasses on. She also taught me how to remove them, and the do’s and don’t’s of being a responsible contact lens user. 

They were right. It was as easy as one-two-three. I have to admit that yesterday and well, today, that it took me around five minutes to place them on my eyes. (Uh I think it is plausible enough, right? Haha 😅) But I think I’m lovin’ it! 🙂 

Proverbs 1:5 – Let the wise hear and increase in learning, and the one who understands obtain guidance. 

I am glad that God has changed my heart which led me to learn new thing again. I hope that I would be able to remind myself everyday that there are still lots and lots of things that I have to learn and that I should be open about it and accept the changes that it may bring. Indeed, everyday is a learning day. 🙂 

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