The Boyfriend

A relative of mine is pissed off with her boyfriend and she wants to break up with him. She texted me last night saying that she is tired of all the things that her boyfriend could not make for her. So I told her, wait! Stop and think things through, weigh everything first, and don’t rush things because you might end up regretting your decision now later on. She told me that she is tired of all the fighting and non stop disappointments that she feels together with his significant other. And then I said, that maybe she is asking and expecting too much from him. And that she might be forgetting that real life relationships don’t always go like what she sees in television series that she often watch.

In this life, I know I am not master of love life. I have experienced being in a relationship so I think and hope that I can help her (rather, them) to get through this period of distress in their boyfriend-girlfriend relationship. I am happy that she finally found someone whom she can call hers, and since this is her first, I am glad because she is learning on how to become a better person and how to treat him nicely. She gets upset over small things, and is quite hot tempered. She is a bit more aggressive than him. And I think their personalities match in a way how magnet’s north end is attracted to south.

Being in a relationship has its ups and downs. And this part of relationship is needed for both of them to grow. I hope that they both realize how important each one of them is to one another. And may God help them go out of this problem that they are facing right now. 🙂

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