Disconnect to Reconnect

Upon arriving at a restaurant, we saw a big family collecting together to enjoy a meal. They probably are composed of grandparents with their children, and their children’s children. We immediately looked for a place to seat as it seems that anytime soon, the place will be full. Today is the day to celebrate the first man to love us in our lives – our father. So then after placing our order, I was looking at the large family that sat beside us. The kids were all full of energy talking loudly and very carefree. Some were walking around, while the others just seated talking to one another. Then after some time, their volume toned down as their eyes are glued upon their gadgets. Tsktsk.. Too bad. And then moving on to the adults, I found their heads all bowed down. Wow they should at least let the kids join them with their prayer. But, oops.. One closer look at them made me realise that the kids only imitated what the adults do. Because they too were all too preoccupied with their own cellphones.

Technology has made a big impact to our lives. They have helped us in many ways by making our lives easier, and more convenient. They allowed us to have communication to those that are miles and miles apart from us. They helped us print out multiple copies of file that weneeded. They helped us search about things that were only found in libraries before. I can name only a few, but there are a lot more that they can do for us.

But the problem is that technology helped us connect with those that are from us, but they made us disconnect to those people that are beside us.

I don’t mean to not use our cellular phones, because I too am guilty for this, what matters is that we should also cherish the moments spent together with our loved ones by being present for them — literally. We should try to reconnect just like the old times. Having frequent conversations with our families and friends and by spending more time being there. After all, what matters most is the times we spent with real people that not any other people can ever experience. 🙂

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