Healthily Ever After

Staying healthy at this century is hard due to the rise of different restaurants and cuisines coming from different countries. Many of us have become foodie, finding ourselves eating out more often than dining at our cozy little dining room. While it is healthy to eat a wide assortment of vitamins, more often than not, what they serve us are loaded with sugars, and trans fat, and some are even invisible to the naked eye, and non recognizable to our taste buds. So even if we order their healthier choice, some sauces or ingredients have a hidden secret that none of us knows.

Even if me and my husband are both fans of healthy eating (and living), I can say that we too are guilty of dining out few times a week. Although there are times that we’d prefer preparing our own meals, still at times we do order a bunch on the list breaking waistlines.

However, what I am proud to say now is that I am stronger and more confident that I am more disciplined when it comes to eating and staying healthier as compared to my habit before.

I don’t know what has gotten into me, or that seeing that my partner has more control than me, I was influenced by his self control which led me to stay away from junk foods and sweets. Though I am not that much of a fan, I used to buy frapuccinos from a famous brand near our office at least once a week. But now, I don’t even crave that much for their famous drink. I would rather drink hot coffee with less sugar and creamer or just plain water.

I am glad to have surpassed that feeling. I don’t even have to resist the temptation, but I am feeling better because I don’t find myself dreaming of drinking those sugar loaded stuffs – and as a bonus, I get to add some to my savings.

I hope that I can stay like this (and my figure right now) till I grow older. Even if I know that I will struggle with it soon, I will keep praying to God to keep me and my mind off those sinful food that won’t do any good to my body. So until then, I should learn new stuffs to keep myself from evil-ish foods. Let’s stay and eat healthy everyone! 🙂

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