Rushing to Grow Up

A lot of kids these days wear clothes of grown ups. These are what they call their fashion sense, which for me is rather not so pleasing to look at. Oh no I am not opposing to what’s trending nowadays, but what I can say is that kids who wear “kids clothes” rather look cuter. Like the ones you see wearing jumpers and mary janes rather than mini skirts and high heels. But then again, I can’t blame them since sexy outfits for young ones are found everywhere. 

I can’t help but remember how I was once a little girl who is rushing to grow up. I envy people who were older than me since they have the freedom to do what they like. They have the money that they need. And they make decisions according to their will. I was too focused on wanting to become mature that I missed to enjoy what I have at the moment. 

Right now, I can say that I’ve reached a point in my life where I realise that life is too short to be running on a fast pace. Yes, I need to go with the flow, and I have to evolve with technology, but now I learned to stop for a while, to enjoy the scenery, smell some fresh flowers, listen to people’s laughter, and enjoy the moment. 

Life is short. And as the more common term of youngsters, (oh, I hate to say this, but I feel oh so old!) Y.O.L.O. — You Only Live Once — is the more appropriate term. Always remember that what you do today is what will make you in the future. So live your life at the moment and don’t be too futuristic, because who you are right now is who you once had wanted to be. 😊

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