Living Happily

How can one live happily? A lot of people would always ask. No one can ever live life without encountering problems. Life just does not happen that way. Imagine a world where everything would go the way we want it to be.. That would be perfect, right? But then again.. Maybe not. God would not allow that to be, simply because He wants us to experience life. 

If we do not experience sadness, then we would not know happiness. If we always get what we want, then we will not appreciate the simplest of things. If we always win, then what’s the point in competing? 

When I was thinking of a good username, all I could ever think was, it should be something unique, and it should show a bit of myself. Then that’s how I came up with this. Since happiness is what I want to share to with the people around me. 😊

I don’t say that I am always happy, but I can say that I love my life, simply because there are lot to be thankful for. For one, I am alive. And that alone  is enough to make me happy. 😊

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