Rest your worries behind

For all those who worry about their life..

For those who do not know what to do..

For those who could not sleep..

For the people who are always weary..

For those that could not sleep a wink..

For the parents who worry about their kid growing up..

For the people who still are not sure if they made the right decision..

For the children who are afraid of being left behind by their parents and elders..

For the lovers who have an unclear future ahead of them..

Do not worry. Stop thinking before God. For He knows what to do. He wants us to rest our worries to Him. He wants us to leave everything to Him. Because He has planned the things around us very well. He will be there to guide us, we just have to wait and listen to His words and decisions. He will be the one to carry our burden. Just have faith. 🙂

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