Older Means Wiser

A week ago, I celebrated my 28th birthday. A lot of my peers told me that I am already old – well that’s how we joke around so it does not offend me that much. Although I must admit that I really am feeling older- my metabolism is getting slower, skin gets a little drier, flabs of meat bulge out from different parts of my body, and the worst part, I now see crow’s feet somewhere near my eyes. Oh no! 😱 

And so, after hearing and reading about all the degradation of our bodies that comes along as we age, I dreaded growing old. And I was also afraid that what I will encounter as I transition from adolescent to a full grown adult. Afraid of making mistakes that I would later on regret. Afraid of taking risks, and not being able to surpass them. Afraid of facing difficulties that would make me down. 

But soon as I enter the real world and meeting new people and friends and finally having to earn money on my own, I realised that getting a year older is not that bad after all. Because it makes me a lot wiser and makes me want to embrace new responsibilities and roles in life. Something new and exciting will be coming along the way, and all I have to do is embrace them and understand that change is inevitable. That life is not possible without it. And that’s how life is, to be able to face what God has written in His book for us. Because no matter what we do or how we want to control our life, it always gets better if we leave our future to God’s hands. Accept the fact that only He knows what lies ahead, so we only have to enjoy every moment of our life and pray to God that we may be like Him. ☺️

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