This Sapporo Beer Museum Review Will Make You Excited

Sapporo Beer Museum – I first learned about Sapporo in one of the Philippine movies entitled “Kita Kita.” And I was glad we had the chance to visit one of the most iconic Sapporo places to visit in winter, the Sapporo Beer Museum, also featured in the Netflix film. 

While I was making our Sapporo itinerary, many Sapporo attractions in winter were popping up. And it was hard to choose which ones we could only visit in the limited time we’d be staying there. 

Some are even included in a Sapporo tour package in Klook such as Mt. Moiwa and Asahiyama Memorial Park in one booking. There are also train passes which might be useful if you’re planning a day tour with lots of attractions in a day. (More tour packages below)

Many Sapporo places to stay are also just around the corner, but if you ever heard about APA Hotel, I reviewed our recent stay in one of its branches here so you should check it out first before you make a booking.

Japan Beer Asahi

Launched in May 1892, Asahi Beer won the highest award soon after at the World’s Columbian Exposition. Then in 1900, it also ranked the highest at the World’s Fair in Paris. 

In September 1958, the first canned Asahi beer was launched and was named Asahi Gold. 

Out of curiosity, the makers of Asahi beer wanted to make a beer that’s different and above others. Wanting to imitate the dry taste of sake, so they invented the Asahi Super Dry on March 17, 1987. 

The super dry beer with a crisp and clear taste is how they describe Asahi Super Dry. No wonder it became number one among the Japan beer brands. 

How to Get There

If you wish to enjoy beer and learn more about its history at Sapporo Beer Museum, getting there is fairly easy. 

From JR Sapporo Station to Sapporo Beer Museum, you only have to walk for 25 minutes or walk for 15 minutes from the Higashi-kuyakushu-mae Station. But you can also ride the bus from Loop 88 Factory Line to get there without walking much. 

Sapporo Beer Museum Entrance Fee

Upon entering the Sapporo Beer Museum, you’ll immediately see the lane for the Sapporo Beer Museum Premium Tour tickets. But we decided not to get the premium tour and made our Hokkaido Brewery tour for FREE. 

But what’s the difference between purchasing the Sapporo Beer Museum tickets and taking the tour yourself? 

With the Sapporo Beer Museum free tour, tickets are not provided and you’ll be starting your walk from the 3rd floor going down. At the end of the tour, you can try beer samples and other non-alcoholic drinks on the 1st floor. 

On the other hand, the Sapporo Beer Museum Premium Tour price includes the free tour and a 7-minute theatre about Sapporo beer with English subtitles and 2 beer tastings – Sapporo Black label and Fukkoku Sapporo-sei Beer. 

Furthermore, you get an audio guide in either English or Korean language by paying an additional 500 JPY (185.84 PHP or 3.21 USD). 

One of the reasons we chose the free Sapporo Brewery tour is that I’m not really a beer drinker. And our son might get bored if we spend a lot of time at the beer museum. 

But if you want to try the original recipe made for premium tours only, you should not hesitate booking that 1,000 JPY premium tour ticket! (371.68 PHP or 6.42 USD)

Sapporo Beer Museum Hours

We rode the Loop 88 Factory Line bus to get to the beer museum and it took only a few minutes to get there. At 12 noon, there weren’t a lot of people inside maybe because it was a Monday. After spending about 30 minutes breezing through the booths, we reached the 1st floor, where the beer-tasting area was located. 

With the premium tour, you get 50 minutes to finish the whole area. 

Sapporo Beer Museum opening hours: 11:00 AM to 6:00 PM (last entry is 5:30 PM) 

Sapporo Beer Museum Menu

So, you wanted a Sapporo beer-tasting experience but aren’t sure whether it’s worth the try? 

On the Sapporo Japan Beer Museum menu, you will find 3 alcoholic beverages. There’s the Black Label (also included in the premium tour), Sapporo Classic, and the Kaitakushi Beer. 

Note: The beer tasting area on the 1st floor closes at 4:00 PM. 

You can buy whichever you want for only 400 JPY (148.88 PHP or 2.57 USD) in 240 mL, but you can also avail the tasting set with the 3 drinks for a bargain – for only 1,000 JPY (372.19 PHP or 6.42 USD). 

On the Japan beer price menu, you’ll also find a non-alcoholic beer for 200 JPY (74.43 PHP or 1.28 USD). There are also soda, apple juice, and Hokkaido corn tea, and some snacks on the menu. 

Sapporo Beer Garden

After the free tour, we checked out the Sapporo Beer Garden. Just beside the beer museum, you’ll find another building with red bricks where you can enjoy good food and drinks. 

A famous Sapporo Beer Garden menu called Ghengis Khan, more commonly known as Jingisukan in Nihongo, is a must-try if you visit the Sapporo Beer Garden restaurants. 

With the Ghengis Khan, you’ll get to eat lambs without the strong smell you usually taste from other lamb meats. But what sets the dish apart from others is the lemon and apple sauce the chef incorporates in their lamb meats. 

And for the best experience, you must try the beer freshly brewed from the factory. 

Sapporo Beer Garden Price

Unlimited lamb and vegetables

Adults – 3,600 JPY (1,338.04 PHP or 23.13 USD)

7 to 12 years old – 1,800 JPY (669.02 PHP or 11.56 USD)

Unlimited lamb, vegetables, and drinks

Adults –  5,280 JPY (1962.47 PHP or 33.92 USD)

13 to 19-year-old – 4,400 JPY (1,635.39 PHP or 28.27 USD)

7 to 12-year-old – 2,600 JPY (966.37 PHP or 16.70 USD)

Maybe I can revise this post the next time we go back and give you a Sapporo Beer Garden review once we’ve tried the Genghis Khan. 

Sapporo Winter Activities

The most notable of the Sapporo winter activities is the Sapporo Winter Festival. However, we chose not to go there during the festival this time as we wanted to save a bit on accommodation. 

Since the winter festival is very famous around the world, hotel prices tend to go up. Probably more than twice the normal price. If we’ve saved enough we’d be able to experience the winter festival in the future. 

In the meantime, we want to focus more on the other Sapporo places to visit in winter so you know what to do should you decide to go there. 

Here are some of the things we did during our Sapporo winter tour. Enjoy!

Shiroi Koibito Park

Sapporo TV Tower


Mt. Moiwa

Maruyama Zoo and Park


Sapporo Winter Itinerary

Going to Sapporo in winter need not intimidate you. I know that there is a lot that goes on in your mind when traveling during winter because even the clothes that you have to bring will make you go crazy. 

But fear not! 

Below are some of the best Sapporo winter itinerary you have to check out because they might interest you. I also included some transportation tips to make it easier for you. 

Klook Pass Hokkaido

Save up to 25% when you book a Klook Pass Hokkaido!

With this pass, you can access 2-5 top Hokkaido attractions, which includes most of the places we visited and many others. The pass is valid for 30 days and you have to make a reservation after you purchase. 

JR Hokkaido Rail Pass

Never worry about having to load your ICOCA cards – whether PASMO, SUICA, or whatever you have – when you get a JR Hokkaido Rail Pass!

In this pass, you have access to the places you want to visit for 4, 5, 7, or even 10 days! 

Hokkaido Otaru Rickshaw Tour

Riding the rickshaw is an experience unlike any other!

Ever dreamed of being pulled by a person on a rickshaw as you visit Sapporo tourist spots? Then make that dream come true! 

Sapporo TV Tower

Sapporo tourism didn’t fail when it said to visit the Sapporo TV Tower. The view from the top is definitely breathtaking, especially when the lights turn on at night. Make sure to visit it when the skies turn dark for the best experience!

Sapporo Half Day Bus Tour and TV Tower Ticket

If you want to enjoy your Sapporo trip without the hassle of making an itinerary, then this Sapporo Half Day Bus Tour is your best bet!

A multilingual guidance system will help you with the tour to the most iconic Sapporo tourist attractions and you can enjoy on your own but just follow the allotted time. The guidance system is available in Japanese, English, Korean, and Chinese. 

Lake Toya and Noboribetsu Hell Valley

We booked this trip and it was a wise decision because visiting the countryside is one of the best ways to learn more about the different cultures. 

I especially loved the sulfur smoke coming from the Noboribetsu Hell Valley!

Mt. Moiwa and Asahiyama Memorial Park

I did mention above that Sapporo was the setting of the Netflix movie, “Kita Kita.” 

And one of the places the actors visited frequently was Mt. Moiwa. Because why not? It was indeed a fascinating view with the cool breeze that will blow you away! (pun intended)

Otaru Art Base (Four Combined Museum Pass)

Any artist wouldn’t be able to resist this great combined museum pass. Besides saving 1,200 JPY (446.01 PHP or 7.71 USD), this tour includes tickets to Otaru Art Base, which consists of 4 art museums alongside each other. 

Otaru Art Base Museums, Stained Glass Museum, Nitori Museum of Art, and Mitsui Bank Otaru Branch – are what you can visit for about 2-3 hours. 

Sapporo Food Tour with a Local Guide

With this Sapporo tour, you’ll definitely not get hungry!

You’ll get 6-8 food tastings and a glass of drink (beer, wine, or softdrink) along with a 3-hour in Sapporo. The English-speaking tour guide will bring you the best food to eat so you don’t have to research about the Sapporo places to eat when you go there. 

Kimono Rental in Sapporo

What better way to experience winter in Sapporo than to wear the Japanese traditional clothes called kimono. And the best part is that you just have to arrive at the local near Tanukikukoji Shopping Street and a professional kimono stylist will help you look like a local during the historical era!

Sapporo Beer Museum Review Conclusion

Wanting to tick Sapporo off my Japan bucket list means getting ready for the Japan winter season. And since it was our first time traveling in the cold, we knew we have to schedule our travel during Japan winter months. 

Sapporo is such a great place not to go, so if you’re still thinking twice about going there, I’m telling you that it’s definitely worth the price you’ll be spending there. You might be reluctant to buy winter clothes, but hey, you can always travel to other snowy places again, and I’m sure you will!

Sapporo Beer Museum is just one of the places we enjoyed visiting in Hokkaido. We also had fun in Bibai Snowland and the winter activities we did there.

Stay tuned for more Sapporo tips I’ll be writing in the weeks to come!

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