All Things are Good

Living in a fallen world is hard.

There are times that I find it hard to trust the people around me. And when I do, that same person would let me down. I would sulk over it, keep my mind working until dawn, and then be able to move on and forget about the good times I’ve had with that person. Then when I get used to going solo again, someone would come to me, touch my heart and then I would get moved, and the cycle goes on again. And again. And again.

It never stops.

I would find new people whom I thought I can have for life, only to realise that he will not be there until the end.

They say that this is a part of life. The mortal life that we currently enjoy. Where we can have what we want if we work hard for it. We can love, be merry and drink. We can eat lots of yummy food and drink tasty stuffs.

But apart from enjoying our physical life, we should never forget that we are allowed to go through all of this because of the God that blessed us with this one life. All of this – from happiness to suffering, being able to enjoy the material things that we have, meeting new people and partying with them, eating chocolates and popcorns. The list is long.

There are lots of stuffs that make us happy. But we can never be truly happy without our God.

So for all the things that we are going through, may it be good or bad, we should always remember that all of this is nothing if there is no God. And if all else fails, you can be assured of one thing – that God will never forsake nor leave us. 🙂

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