Being Blessed

I am amazed by God’s creation. One of my favorites is how He makes it possible for our human body to grow and bear a tiny living thing with just the union of sperm and egg cell that were formed even before we were born. Not even science nor any other subject can explain why a microscopic sperm knows that it has to swim inside a female body and to meet the egg that has been waiting for it to be fertilized. It just does the work on its own just like nature. And when they collide, tissues, organs and organ system of a single baby (sometimes two or three, or even more!) is developed in as short as 9 months. No wonder they call this tiny human being a blessing from God. 🙂

Oh I can’t wait to become a mother soon. Even right now I can already imagine seeing mini me’s and my husband’s running around and being fed by me. So then during the wait, I have to make sure to take very good care of the physical body that God has given me. Although I have to admit that there are times (or most of the time 😥) that I fail to meet my daily needs, feeding junk into my body, as much as possible, I will do my best to be able to care for the only physical thing that God has blessed me with. 😌

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