Day for Moms 😘

Today is the day of the year when all the mothers, moms, mamas, momsies, etc. get to receive thanks from their children. Everyone has a mom, may it be their biological mother, or even a stepmom. Or sometimes, they can never be blood related, nor related in any way, but moms can be seen in a person whom you have found a motherly characteristic in her. We found them as our teacher during our school days, but now that I am working, I have also met lots of people who mirrored some actions of my mom. 

What best describes a mom? 

A mom is: 

  • Someone who never gets tired of taking care of her family
  • Someone who always prepares food for her loved ones
  • Someone who tirelessly makes life easy for everyone at home
  • Someone who never sleeps when one of her children (or even her husband) is not yet home
  • Someone who never ask for anything in return to all her hardwork
  • Someone who takes care of the sick family
  • Someone who would support you in your endeavors
  • Someone who would kick your ass if you have done something wrong and corrects you to become your best
  • Someone who would cheer you on everytime you need an audience
  • Someone who would give up on her favorite food, just because she knows that that is the favorite too of her child
  • Someone who never gets tired of listening to all your problems and complaints 
  • Someone who gives you life’s best advices at times that you need them the most
  • And finally, she is someone who loves you unconditionally

God gave us a mother to love us just like the way He does. She was sent to us to remind us that no matter what happens, somebody will love us despite all our shortcomings and failures. Therefore we should love our mother just like the way we love God. 😉

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