Pray and Believe

I went to Starbucks cafe last night. And as I waited in line, I saw their post apologizing that their loyalty card is not accessible that night. Uh oh… And I thought that it is such a waste loading (which is good as cash) their card since I had to use either cash or debit/credit card. But when it was my turn, I asked the barista if I could use my Starbucks card to pay for what I want to drink. And then he said, “I am sorry but I will try if you can, since there are times the machine works, but today, the chance is slim.” Then I silently prayed, “God, please make it work.” And after 10 seconds, the receipt came out. The barista smiled and said, “Swerte niyo ma’am ah (Madam, this must be your lucky day).” I smiled back secretly thinking that it was not luck, but rather it is God’s grace. 

Matthew 21:22 – “If you believe, you will receive whatever you ask for in prayer.” God wants us to seek for His help, and for us to depend on Him. He said that whatever we ask, we will receive as long as we believe. There is nothing wrong in asking for His help. Just like how He has blessed me last night, you will also receive. Just always pray and believe that it will come true. 

God blessed me too seven years ago. I took the Professional Licensure Exam, unequipped with anything. I only had what I learned for 4 years, a pen, and God by my side. I do not want to brag, but I did not enroll to any review center. All I did was review by myself and was only guided by our professors in college. And I am proud to say that I left everything to God, I prayed,”God, please help me pass the board exam. I know I am not worthy to pass because I did not review so much, but by your grace, please guide me accordingly.” Then, 3 days after, results were out. And all I can say is that, God is good. 😊

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