Gulp Some Water

The 10th month of the year is nearing its end. And soon, christmas spirit will be lingering about. Every year we experience the excitement of doing christmas shopping for the ones that we love (well at least that’s what I feel. Teehee 😀 ). I know it’s a bit kinda late to feel it, but normally we would be feeling the event once September starts. However, for some reason, we couldn’t quite feel the need to do shopping rush.

One reason could be because of so much heat that we currently experience. Before, when the “Ber” months come, we would immediately feel the change in climate too. Cool breeze and you know, cheerful vibes everywhere, hearing christmas carols in malls and at home, and the likes. But now, we still don’t see them.

While I was walking awhile ago, just doing my daily commute, I found myself getting sweaty and I could feel some dryness in my throat. So when I arrived in the office, I immediately drank a whole glass of water to quench my thirst.

But anyway, since I live in a tropical country, I make sure to hydrate myself as much as possible. Especially here inside the production floor that it is cool, and thirst is likely not to be felt. And I keep checking that I should have a clear pee at the end of the day to stay healthy. I remember that when I was younger, I didn’t like drinking water. I am not sure why. Which led to the drying of the side part of my lips. That was when I was just 4 or 5. One of my teacher (May her soul rest in peace), even taught my mom to get some sticky liquid while cooking rice and apply them to the sides of my lips to moisturize them. And my mom even bought me a grape flavored lip balm (yipee! my favorite 😀 ). Until when I grew up and learned how important it is to drink water, and the benefits of doing so, was when the time I tried and learned to love them. And since our body is 75% water, well, that speaks of how our body would thank us if we keep on giving them what they deserve.

Just a message to share to those who don’t feel thirsty at all: Drink water after everytime you pee to make sure that you are fully hydrated and to keep the illness at bay. 😉

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