No Burden Too Big

When was the last time you had a big problem that you think you cannot take it anymore? When you did everything that you can but still it does not work out fine? When you think that there is nothing left for you to do but cry?

It happens to us. Ours just differ with others. Sometimes, we feel that our burden is bigger than others. But in reality, we all go through different problems in our life. We only have different point of views. To some, a big problem for me is only just a simple encounter to them, and vice versa.

But what’s important is how we react and what happens next to our life.

Some people I know react negatively to their problems, thinking that other people wouldn’t understand their cares and hurts. They would always feel that they are on the losing end. And that no matter what happens, they would think that they would never ever forgive the people who have hurt them, because they feel that the scar would never be removed nor healed no matter how much time flies.

On the other hand, some of the people I know, would care less about the bad events that happens to them. And even if things don’t work out fine, then they would easily let it go, and move on with their lives. They would just let the person be and do what they want. And be indifferent when they crossed paths again.

Some though would forgive those that hurt them, but won’t forget what they did to them, nor the hurts they felt. They would feel that they are living the life correctly, because they know how to forgive the hurtful people around them, they just don’t want to get close nor get in touch with them again. They think that it will be better that way.

Matthew 6:14-15 : “For if you forgive men their trepasses, your heavenly Father will also forgive you. But if you do not forgive men their trespasses, neither will your Father forgive your trespasses.

God said that we should forgive those who have sinned us for how many times again, do you remember? 70 times 7. And that equates to 490. Now that’s a really big number for one person to commit mistakes. Is it even possible in this lifetime? I really am not sure, but even if it is possible, still, God’s order is for us to forgive the same person, over, and over, and over again. For whenever we sin, it is the same as hurting God. But God is forever good, because He will forever forgive us of our sins – may it be big or small, intentional or unintentional (Hmm, but I don’t really recommend this one).

So the next time you feel hurt, or saddened by someone, remember the number: 490. And keep in mind that forgiving others is not really us doing it for them only, but who we really are doing a favor is more on ourselves and God. Because don’t you feel burdened when you are angry at someone? It is you who have a hard time falling asleep, not the other party. And while you are struggling to fall asleep, the person you are hating is sleeping soundly on their soft mattress, while you are awake and restless for the whole night while thinking about that one word that you have heard and made you bitter. So if you think about it, who loses the game? It is you, right? So go ahead, and forgive the person.

If ever it is hard for you to forgive, I have one solution for you. What is it? PRAY. Yes! Pray to God first by apologizing for getting angry at someone (why yes, because God told us to not grow hard feelings with our brothers). Then seek and pray that God would help you forgive your enemy and forget that bad thing that happened to you. Pray to God that you may be at peace, and that you would get to fall asleep easily and move on with your life. Don’t forget to pray also for your foe, pray that he/she may not hurt anyone again, and that they be convicted of their sin. After all, God also said that we should also pray for our enemies, because they might be battling other struggles that we are not aware of.

At the end of the day, our lives will always depend on our point of view and how we react to it – may it be positive nor negative. No man can change us, because only when we allow our hearts to change, will only we be at peace.

Let me end with a prayer for you (yes, you, the one reading this):

God I pray that you grant forgiveness to the sins that the person reading this post has committed. I pray that you help him/her forgive those that have hurt them. Allow your spirit to flow within them, that they may have peace and may their hearts be filled with the love that you give to us all the time. Please remind them everytime that when a bad happening occurs, that they should stop, think, and feel your presence in their hearts that they might not further hurt anyone along the way. And I pray that if it seems that their problem is too big, please help them to have the strenght to go on and allow them to leave everything in your hands instead. Thank you for being patient and loving all the time. And thank you for always being there when we needed you the most. In Jesus name we pray, Amen.

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