Why worry?


Worrying is like a rocking chair, they say. It gives you something to do but it gets you nowhere. This is oh so true. No matter what you do, if you have a habit of worrying, you will never be at ease.


I used to be a worrywart. I worry about anything and everything i feel like thinking about. I worry about things that I have not completed yet, and I also worry about what I have done since I think I have done something wrong. I worry when I think I have said something mean to someone. I also do when I think about my future. What would happen to me in the next few years? Would I be successful enough to not disappoint the people around me? Will I be of great help to those in need? Will I be able to fulfill what God has planned for me? I could go on and on until the sun sets, the list is endless.

Then one day, God guided me towards serenity. I can’t remember when, or what situation I was in at that time. I have just read God’s words and promises in some of the books that I read. I don’t say that I have read the Bible cover to cover. But what I can be sure of is that I try my best to understand what is written there and try to follow them the best way I can. As I was always in a hurry about a lot of things. I was rushing when I think that I am gonna be late for school. But after a while of knowing God’s words, I learned to leave everything in God’s hands. to not think a lot about what’s gonna happen next. And to embrace that fact that God has everything under control. No matter what or when or where, always remember that God will never leave us to face the difficulties ahead. He will never forsake us, always.


I also know a lot of people like me. Who thinks about lots and lots of things. I hope that I can help many people to change their way of thinking through this. Because it is what God wants us to do, to leave the pen for Him to finish our colorful journey, and to remain calm and have faith in Him admidst the storm that lies ahead of us.